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Moore Interactive Group

Moore Interactive Group is a subsidiary of The Moore Group, LLC.

Moore Interactive Group was established to place our organization on the forefront of the digital age. We combine the ability to understand the consumer needs thru advanced technologies which measures and drives client engagement in innovative ways. Technology has taken a stronghold in every facet of our daily lives and has made business an international marketplace at the click of a button or a swipe of a screen. This interconnectivity has led us to create and curate digital products in house for mobile devices, the web, and gaming consoles. Our research and development team is working diligently to discover new interactive initiatives that will add value to our client's lives for many years to come.

The Mission:
  • Growth thru interactive technology
  • Expand marketplace domestically or internationally
  • Creation of user friendly digital products (i.e. web or mobile)
  • Innovation support
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